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e-Alerts, a free* fraud prevention tool from First National, provide text notifications when specific transaction types are conducted using your First National Debit card. For example: 

  • International Transactions;
  • Authorizations Greater than $200.00;
  • 5 or more Transactions in 24 hours;
  • Transaction Without Card Present; 
  • Out of State Transactions;
  • Declined Authorizations.

Each text notification includes: 

  • Last four digits of the card number used;
  • Merchant where the transaction occurred;
  • Amount of the transaction;
  • An eight-character fraud confirmation code. 

How Do e-Alerts Work? Only enrolled cardholders receive alerts, so Sign Up Now (Opens in a new Window). Once enrolled, if you receive a text regarding a transaction that is legitimate, you do nothing.However, if the transaction is fraudulent, just reply with the fraud confirmation code in the text message and your card will be blocked. From there, a professional fraud analyst will call you immediately. 

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Learn more details about e-Alerts with these Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) (Opens in a new Window) (Opens in a new Window).

*Note: Messaging and data rates may apply. Discontinuereceipt of E-Alerts at any time by texting the word ‘Stop’ in replyto an e-Alert or to 27576. You may unsubscribe from the serviceentirely on the web site.