Mobile Wallets And Your First National Debit Card

Add Your First National Debit Card to Your Mobile Wallet...
Safer Than Swiping AND More Convenient

Mobile Wallets… What Are They?
Mobile wallet apps include Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and others.  All of these apps are designed to hold debit and credit card information so that you can use your phone to make payment instead of scanning or inserting the actual card.

More Secure… Really!  When using a mobile wallet to pay, a virtual card number is generated that can only be used on that device.  That means that your actual debit card number is not used or stored and therefore cannot be compromised. So, while your mobile wallet makes using your debit card EASIER AND MORE CONVENIENT, using your debit card within your mobile wallet is also SAFER THAN SWIPING YOUR CARD.

Helpful Hints. First National  tested our debit card in mobile wallets prior to launch. Here are some things we learned that will be helpful for you to know

  • Some merchants do NOT accept mobile wallet payments. 
    You never want to have that as your only option- just make it your first choice.

  • Often, merchant employees do not understand mobile wallets or how they work.
    They may not even know if they accept it.

  • Look for this icon on the terminal to use your mobile wallet:
  • Even if this icon is displayed, the mobile wallet may not always work.  Don’t panic!  Just use your card.  It is usually a hardware issue at the merchant.

  • Newer Samsung phones use a different technology and should be able to be used at most any credit card terminal.
Set Up is Simple. The process to add a debit card to your mobile wallet is:
  1. Download and open the mobile wallet app you choose.
  2. Click add, +, etc., to add a card.
  3. Enter card information or follow prompts to take a picture of the card.
  4. Confirmation will be sent via email, text, or a prompt to call the bank.
  5. Once confirmation is complete the card is ready to use.

 If you lose your phone or have another issue with your First National debit card in your mobile wallet. Just call us, 517.546.3150 or contact us via this site, we’re here to help.