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Phone Banking

Our Phone Banking

Among the most simple means to quickly access your account.
Using the touch tones from your phone or voice commands, you can access your savings, checking or loan balances, hear a list of recent transactions, transfer funds, make loan payments, activate and manage debit cards, even place a stop pay and more.
Using Phone Banking:

Call, toll free, 800.317.0538 or 517.540.6606 (locally).
Enter your account number and Phone Banking PIN and follow the prompts for the access you desire.

Touch Tone or Voice Activation

Phone Banking’s standard is to have you press the numerals on your phone key pad (touch tone entries). You can also use ‘voice’ commands. Just press 8 then * to use voice commands.

Phone Banking Guide (Codes)
1 = Balances (For Savings, Checking, Loans)
2 = Account History (Recent Transactions on Savings, Checking, Loans)
3 = Transfer Funds or Make a Payment (Make/Schedule a Transfer, Make/Schedule Payments)
4 = Account Info by Email (Have recent activity emailed to email address on file)
5 = Future Dated Transactions (Hear pending credits to your account)
6 = Card Services (Activate new debit cards, Set/Change PIN, Deactivate lost/stolen cards)
7 = Stop Payments (Place stops or make stop pay inquiry)
8 = Change Overdraft Options
9 = More Options (Change PIN, Check Verification for Merchants)

Phone Banking Shortcuts
The # sign is not necessary after each entry
Use * as a decimal when entering amounts
Press # to repeat an option
Press 1 then * for help
Press 3 then * to return to the main menu
Press 7 then * to end your call or just hang up
Press 8 then * to switch to voice commands
Press 9 then * to enter a different account number

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