Officers and Directors

Ron Long, President and Chief Executive Officer
Mark J. Huber, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Rick James, Senior Vice President Chief Risk Officer
Martin Smith, Senior Vice President, Senior Lender
William R. Anderson, Vice President, Commercial Lender
Debra M. Brasseur, Vice President, Risk Management and Information Systems Security Officer
Leslie Brown, Vice President, Commercial Credit Manager
Maribeth Campbell, Human Resources Officer
Tom Gisewhite, Vice President, Marketing Director
Randy Greene, Vice President, Retail Banking Administrator
Patricia Griffith, Vice President, Director of Operations
George King, Vice President, Commercial Lender
James Jeszke, Vice President, Commercial Lender
Barry Mahloy, Director of Business Relationships
Jeffrey McGee, Director of Mortgage Operations
Mark Nowacki, Vice President, Credit Administration Manager
Joe Petrucci, Vice President, Commercial Lender
Sheri L. Sarate, Vice President, Loan Administration
Brian Seibert, Director of Mortgage Operations
James A. Thibodeau, Information Technology Officer
Gabi Bresett, BSA Officer
Brian Byrd, Business Banking Officer
Dorothy Harrison, Assistant Vice President-Commercial Lender
Stephen Jacob, Branch Sales Manager
Paul Michon, Assistant Vice President-Commercial Lender
Carrie Newstead, Branch Sales Manager
Ian VanVuren, Indirect Lending Manager and Bank Security Officer

Board of Directors

Philip C. Utter, Chairman
President, Specialty Contract Carriers, Inc.

Stanley B. Dickson Jr., Vice Chairman
Attorney, Trowbridge Law Firm, P.C.

Robert Clemente
Managing Director, Behavior Care Solutions

Timothy H. Corrigan
Vice President, Corrigan Oil

William R. Dickson
Accountant, Dickson & Associates, P.C.

Ronald L. Long
President and CEO, First National Bank

Kenneth Marblestone
Managing Director, Cascade Partners

R. Michael Yost
Retired CEO, MPY Group, LLC
Retired, Managing Director, The Auto Club Group

Emeritus Directors
Harry Griffith