'The Power of Local Banking' Makes COVID Relief Possible

First National Displays 'Power of Local Banking' With COVID Relief Response


At First National Bank, ‘the power of local banking’ is far more than a slogan. The local, community bank’s response during this COVID-19 pandemic is proof positive. 

As of May 11th, nearly 500 greater Livingston County small businesses, now have over Fifty-Nine MILLION dollars available keep their employees on the payroll through the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and their local, community bank – First National! 

In addition, over 200 Livingston County families and businesses with the most urgent of need have some breathing room. First National has worked with them and deferred their monthly loan payments for the next few months.

Here's what local business leaders are saying...

According to First National customer, Tianna Rooney of Perspectives TherapPerspectives Therapy Services logoy Services in Brighton, ‘I’ve banked with First National for over five years and they have always been there for me.  They were really there for us this time making certain that my company got the help and resources it needed .  Perspectives has been able to continue providing high quality mental health services during this critical time to our local community, in great part because of our relationship with First National.'

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Unlike many institutions, First National was even able to assist a few in the community who were not current bank customers.  Tina Jackson, President/CEO of Workskills Corporation, stated, ‘‘Ron Long and Marty Smith from First National Bank were fantastic when we needed help processing our PPP loan application. We would never have met the deadline and received funding had it not been for their exceptional team. Based on our experience, I would highly recommend First National to any business looking for a new local bank.’

Phil Utter, Board Chair at First National Bank, added, ‘Can you reach your bank’s board chair at 4 PM on a Saturday afternoon? That’s exactly what one of First National’s valued customers did… Concerned about their finances and commercial loan payment. I immediately got their loan officer involved and by Tuesday morning, the customer’s payments had been deferred for the next three months. Our entire board of directors is so proud of our bank and what our First National team has been able to do for the Livingston County community – At a time when we were needed most’!

‘Our bankers worked incredibly hard through many late, late evenings and long weekends to ensure that our local business friends and neighbors received their fair share of forgivable PPP loan dollars. My heartfelt thanks go out to the First National team for all they accomplished in helping our local small business community at a time when they needed it most,’ stated Ron Long, president and CEO at First National.

As the only bank headquartered in Livingston County, First National takes great pride serving and being a leader in the greater Livingston County community.  The COVID pandemic situation called for both and the and the bank has once again stepped up for their clients and our community.