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Estate Settlement

Ensure the proper disposition of assets in your estate with the help of a First National Wealth Management advisor. As an independent fiduciary, First National Wealth Management administers estate settlements in an impartial manner, reducing the potential for conflict among heirs.

Estate Settlement services from First National Wealth Management include:

  • Compiling all assets related to the decedent's estate (trust, probate, joint).
  • Valuation of assets related to the decedent's estate for federal estate tax purposes and to take advantage of any tax step-up in basis.
  • Ensuring that appropriate tax filings (personal and fiduciary) are completed.
  • Confirming that all probate filings, accountings and inventories are completed.
  • Providing heirs with periodic statements outlining all transactions and an inventory of estate assets and values.
  • Working with other legal and tax professionals who assisted the decedent distribution.
  • Counseling heirs on inheritance investment options.

To schedule an appointment with a First National Wealth Management advisor, call 517.545.2231 or e-mail us.

Non-deposit investment products are not insured by the FDIC. Non-deposit investment products are NOT obligations of, or guaranteed by, First National Bank or First National Wealth Management. Non-deposit investment products will subject the purchaser to investment risk, including the possible loss of the principal amount invested.