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First National Bank is committed to providing you with access to the most practical investment strategies available and delivering them with the superior level of customer service you expect and deserve. Toward that end, First National has partnered with the advisory team from Executive Wealth Management LLC (Executive Wealth Management) and INVEST Financial Corporation , member FINRA and SIPC, - a leading full service broker dealer, to help serve your wealth management, investment and financial planning needs.

With roots in Livingston County dating back to 1985, Executive Wealth Management has been proudly serving within the county, and throughout the country, for over 33 years. As trusted fiduciaries, their mission is to protect and grow the investments of clients, families and the community while providing a legacy of economic well-being. At Executive Wealth Management, they believe in a fee-based approach that aligns their interests with those of their clients. The Executive Wealth Management advisory team brings a breadth of financial planning and investment advising experience and expertise to First National that strives to provide you with diverse investment options and a holistic approach to financial planning.

No matter how your financial picture changes, First National Wealth Management - via Executive Wealth Management and INVEST Financial Corporation is fully prepared to assist with a wide variety of investment and planning options...

  • Investment and Retirement Portfolio Management
  • 401k and Retirement Plan Recommendations and Tracking
  • Company Benefit and Risk Management Analysis - Insurance, Stock Options and Deferred Compensation
  • Strategic Retirement and Income Planning
  • Tax Management Strategies
  • Legacy Planning- Comprehensive Estate, Business Succession Planning, and Charitable Giving Strategies

Schedule an appointment today by calling 517.546.3150 or ask to meet the advisor at your nearest branch office .

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Executive Wealth Management (EWM) is a Registered Investment Advisor with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Investment Advisor Representatives of Executive Wealth Management, LLC offer investment advice and financial planning services to customers located within the United States. EWM does not custody client assets and works in conjunction with several non-affiliated custodians to manage accounts. EWM does not offer tax or legal advice. Products and services offered through EWM are NOT FDIC insured, are NOT guaranteed by any bank and may LOSE value.

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